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01 okt

Jour Journal Journey project, mijn bijdragen:

The art of freedom

I’m on my way to Berlin. It’s my second time. Last time my companions were fellow art students, now the main purpose is the Berlin Marathon on the 24th of September. But, not for me. Yes, I’m at the cheering crowd lined up at the sides, yelling to the runners and especially to Flip on his way to the Brandenburg gate: “Almost done!“. Practically tasting the alcohol free beer they are serving at the end, setting a PR. But, by then I’m already on my cultural Odyssee, because it’s my turn to fill the Journal pages! Therefore I did not want to concentrate on the classical art centre, but especially get to grips with the public (free) space. The streets of Berlin and her underground places of culture. Since Berlin is a hot spot of Graffiti Artists. It’s unconventional. Anyplace it’s in the air: all of us just want to be free. Like Kennedy once said: ‘I’m a Berliner. Although the context was different back in the day, Berlin values the idea of all free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. No matter what, even when you are not born here and do not live here, you’re one of us. Never ever again an iron curtain and a wall. Embracing otherness is embracing oneself. This broad supported conviction is under pression. Today there’s not only the marathon, there’s also the election of the Parliament. The prognoses elucidate that times are changing. After we have been visiting the Reichstag a young radiant female student told us while serving dinner late at night. “Many people in Germany, in particular, are worried at present; they are upset about what lies ahead”. Berlin is an extraordinary city with a great but turbulent past. To be clear, I’m not an activist or politically driven in anyway, but being in Berlin I’m more conscious of the fact that freedom is in and of itself good, valuable, worthwhile, essential to being human.

Inspired by the artists I used a mixture of life and reconstructed drawing (ink, charcoal, graphite pensel, acryllic paint and chalk pastel, decopage and collage technique, some needle work- casting – and a verse in mix media.

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